Steven Brunswijk

Since his high-profile video on the Dumpert website, Steven Brunswijk has become known throughout the Netherlands!
With his matchless use of language, his simple vision of society and tough statements in unadulterated Tilburg dialect, he manages to conquer the hearts of many Dutch people.
That the films on the internet are more than just a gimmick, became clear in 2014 when he made his theater debut with the performance “Prejudice”.
The performances of his very first theater performance were sold out in no time.
All this is just the beginning for Steven.
His mission is to make people laugh, from the stage where he can be himself! No sooner said than done, more theater performances followed “Ze Goan D’r aaaaf” “If I Could Be Myself” “From Slave To Master” His new theater performance is entitled “What A Man Can Do, I Can Also” Steven participated in several television programs including The Roast of Gordon, The Big Escape, he could also be seen in the TV canteen.
In 2018, Steven was, according to many, the flavored of the nineteenth season of the RTL 5 program Expedition Robinson, where he finished in 3rd place. in 2019
steven was featured in The Perfect Picture.
Steven is commercial director of his own company Kwizzzler BV, a quiz app where participants can participate and win great prizes.
In addition, Steven owns a production company called SGB Productions.
Dutch Entertainment Group B.V.

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