You may have seen instruments like drums, trumpets or saxophones with a DJ. But we are sure you have never seen the magical combo of a DJ and a VIOLIN.

Nikki Nice brings you Pumping House Beats with thrilling Melody lines accompanied with live classical instruments. This is a performance unlike any other. Looking for someone or something special? This is as special as special gets.

Party goers will be hypnotized by the beautiful sound of the violin, and her performance as a whole.






Charming, exciting, and live. Nikki Nice spins the greatest EDM beats and puts in spectacular live-elements herself! During her DJ set she plays the violin, the keytar, and even the piano!
Using her musical talent, professionalism, taste of music, looks, and intense ambition, she knows how to create a strong and striking act. Nikki Nice is a real eye-catcher that will definitely raise many heartbeats.
She is able to create and compose surprising, advanced entertainment shows in the studio’s, which bring a unique experience within the EDM scene. For example, she performed live together with the New Amsterdam Orchestra, Tara McDonald, and Merlijn Twaalfhoven’s choir.

Nikki Nice showcased her musical skills in venues as Club Air, the Harbour Club, and Supperclub in Amsterdam, Club Bermuda in Eindhoven, Matrixx in Nijmegen, and at big events and festivals such as Extrema Outdoor, Intents Festival, Solar Festival, PSVs 100th anniversary, Wish Outdoor, and Majestic Dance Event. She has performed for companies as Walt Disney, Red Bull, and Heineken as well. Not to mention the stages she performed at in countries such as Morocco, Aruba, France, Poland, and Curacao!
Guaranteeing dynamic mixing with fitting sparks of wow-effects, Nikki Nice inspires every enthusiast to step onto the dance floor!