Iris Rulkens

On the 25th ofJune, the world got a lot more fun when Iris Rulkens was born. See saw the first light of day in the Dutch village Leende as the eldest daughter of parents from the two most southern provinces of The Netherlands. What should have been an amazing and magical start of newborn Iris, changed soon after her first month. Her then 30 year old father died in a motorbike accident. When she reached the same age her father had when he died, she more firmly engraved her life motto: “Enjoy the ride, fuck the final destination, enjoy the journey”. 

After this tragic event in Iris’s younger years, she became the shoulder to cry on in her family. A role she took more seriously as she grew older. Iris felt her main goal in life is to make everyone laugh. She made up acts, shows and plays filled with humour. When little Iris performed, her family was bound to sit and watch. It was then when making people laugh was embroidered in her DNA.

As she grew as a perfoming artist, she looked for ways to reach even bigger audiences. At the same time she discovered that helping others perform was a new passion of hers. It was in 2012 when Iris founded her theaterschool Shine Productions, teaching children how to act. For the past ten years she has been presenting television productions as  Lifestyle Experience, Woontips, Business NLDe Helden van Nu and Sugarfree on National tv channels such as RTL, SBS and NPO.

As of 2020 Iris her career grew and her reach became bigger and bigger. Her flawless impersonations and her unique roleplays went viral in no time. Iris became an established artist. She came, she saw and she conquered. With numerous amazing collabs she was awarded the best new artist on social media.

Dutch Entertainment Group B.V.

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