We proudly present INNA as a part of Dutch Entertainment Group. Both visually and vocally stunning, she first entered the west-european hitcharts with award winning single “hot”. Soon followed by high scoring songs “Love”, Déjà vu, and Amazing.

When you see her you’ll be amazed that she is the one singing that song you can’t get off your mind. 4 Albums, 33 official music videos, 2 BILLION views on youtube, 1000+ concerts, 60 awards nominations, 3 top40 Uk and a no1 Billboard Dance.

With her show you’ll be sure that your crowd won’t stop singing along with every song, because they’ll know them all!




Fade Away





With an impressive string of hits, numerous awards under her trendy belt and the clubs of Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East already at her feet, Inna is a fierce musical phenomenon.

The most exciting new voice in the dance world. The 28-year-old Romanian has blazed through the global charts with hits like “Hot,” “Sun Is Up” and “Déjà vu,”. Collaborating with the likes of Pitbull, Flo-Rida, Daddy Yankee and Juan Magá. Reaching the top slots in dozens of countries. From her native Rumania to Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, Spain, Finland, Poland and the U.S.

With looks and dance moves that match her musical talent, Inna has won multiple MTV Europe Awards, Romanian Music Awards and RRA Awards. In 2012 she became the first and only European female artist to reach 2 billion YouTube views. In addition to boasting 12 million Facebook fans and over 600,000 Twitter followers.