Say Hello to Emma Heesters!

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Emma Heesters is an extremely dedicated and passionate singer, performer and YouTube sensation. Emma began uploading covers not so long ago, and in the last year Emma began performing professionally, doing almost 100 gigs a year she has rocketed into an established league with over 550K subscribers, an impressive 50 million YouTube views, over 190K Spotify listeners a month, MTV’s Cover of the Month Artist 2017 and a devoted following all over the world, with followers hailing from over 185 countries and attracting views from more than 300 countries tuning in daily to her weekly uploads.

A recent viral hit of Emma’s joint cover of ‘Work by Rihanna’ shot to over 10 million views on YouTube in a few months, followed by her rendition of Let Me Love You which is now counting at 3,5m views and more.

Emma is now working in the studio with multi-platinum and Grammy Award winning record producers & writers to build an artist identity that matches her flawless vocals and edgy, yet stunning image; – working up to a long-lasting solo career which we’re confident will turn to reality faster than expected.


In my blood






Emma Heesters 2017 Highlights:

  • Holland’s newest YouTube sensation
  • Featured on Ministry Of Sounds Acoustic Dance Compilation out now
  • Showcased Let Me Love You live at Shazam UK
  • MTV’s Cover of the Month Artist 2017
  • Recently performed on Belgium’s largest TV show, Miss Belgium 2017 on FOX.
  • Counting over 23m Spotify plays, 190K Spotify listeners a month, 40m total YouTube views