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Loudgarden is an identical twin dj/producer duo from the Netherlands, lead nation in Electronic Dance Music. Over the past years Sophie and Mechteld have been extremely passionate about music. Three years ago they set an objective; create a way to SHARE that passion with all of those in love with EDM. Not only as a unique twin DJ duo but also by producing their own style in the worlds biggest dance scene. They love and know all different styles and share a common interest in future/electro house.

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Is there anything better than a blond girl killing the toys of noise? Yes! Two blond girls, and guess what? They are identical twins!

These Spinning twins have set out to conquer the world with their passion for Electronic House music which they produce themselves. So what do you get with Loudgarden? A highly technical DJ duo bringing their sisterly love for HOUSE to you. Mechteld and Sophie Compliment each other in every way in order to entertain you! Which is Which? We don’t know either, they look so much alike!

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