These days it is hard to distinguish yourself as an artist. Well, Juliette Claire has done it! As many do, she started her career singing and got specialized in “Electronic Vocals” at the world renowned “Herman Brood Academy”.

It was there where she discovered her true love for house music. She is well aware of the challenges to break through as a female dj. This got her skills up to a top notch level. And as a huge bonus, she is now able to spin the records she sang the vocals for herself. So if you have the singer of the tracks, spinning those songs, why not let her sing live! This is how Juliette Claire the artist was born as she performs today.

You may know her from her current hitsingle “somebody else’s lover” which she will happily and proudly play for you!







Juliette Claire is a Singer/Songwriter/DJ from the Netherlands specialized in Electronic Dance Music. What started as a spark of brilliance at a writers’ camp soon had one of the Armada peeps in the US music scene going crazy over its Soundcloud snippet. Now seeing its release on Armada Deep, Juliette Claire’s ‘Somebody Else’s Lover’ comes full circle.

If not the well-known lyrics or catchy hum embedded in its core, it’s got to be Juliette Claire’s dazzlingly gorgeous voice that wins you over.

From start to finish, this one is top notch !