The best Kept Secret in the Scene today. If you are still able to listen to her mesmerizing voice without getting distracted by her looks, you will find that Diana’s voice pretty much suits every need. It is often said that if you can do it all, it is hard to do one thing really good. Well let us be clear on that. Diana Does it all really good.

Besides singer, Diana is also a Producer, composer, songwriter, DJ, MC and most of all a world class performer. This one of a kind powerhouse brings sexiness to every venue.








Club singer, songwriter and producer Diana Miro is maybe one of the best-kept secrets in all of European dance music. This extremely talented artist is one to keep your eyes on. Diana Miro is more than just a pretty face; her uniquely sultry voice, talent as a composer and stage-presence in addition to her studio production skills (a rarity amongst girls) makes Diana a one of a kind powerhouse.

After years of songwriting and laying down vocals for bigroom/progressive house tracks, Diana’s career has evolved to include joint projects with DJ’s from all over the world. Summer 2015 marked the release of several new collaborations such as “Sweater Weather” with Lil Bob (Bang Records, Italy), 8Kays (“Cloud 9”, Intricate Rec. , Russia), “Simona” with Djane Amely (Musical Madness, Netherlands). During February and March 2015 Diana song-wrote and recorded 10 songs for a “EDM vocal pack” project by Sample Magic (UK) and AR vocal agency (UK) that was released in June 2015.

Diana Miro not only has the technical merit, but also the charisma and vivacity to charm audiences and club goers. She has already built a following in Europe and Middle East after her live gigs in 2014-2015. In the beginning of May 2015 she successfully performed live at Sunkissed Boracay Festival ( Philippines), sharing the stage with R3hab, Jetfire, Paris Blohm . Despite comparisons to Nadia Ali & Emma Hewitt, Diana Miro has not only her own personal style, but exudes an exotic sensuality while singing live on stage along with MC’ing and dancing. Get ready to obsess over her new tunes and upcoming club shows.